Independent Public Inquiry

Contaminated blood & blood products

This website is the original Archer Report. Around three years ago Carol Grayson and I Colette Wintle tried to access the Archer report online only to discover that it had gone offline and the contents were no longer available. Given its historical significance and fearing this important report was lost forever we set about investigating what had happened to it. Happily, we were able to recover the website after considerable effort resulting in the legal transfer of ownership from a legal firm to ourselves.

This site contains the original report's findings and the testimonies of core witnesses. We request that should any information accessed from this report and utilised in any future inquiries and press coverage, must reference the well-respected Lord Archer of Sandwell in recognition of his hard work and commitment, investigating how the haemophilia community came to be given contaminated blood. Please also reference our ownership of the website as we went to great effort to ensure the report would always be available for future generations.

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